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Save up to 25 hours per week by writing content that converts.

The only AI that can AUTOMATICALLY write long form expert-level content for you in less than a minute.

Tetro is a cloud-based software that automatically creates articles from your keyword research. It saves you time, effort and money while generating leads for your business.
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Articles in Less than 60 Seconds...

A Unique Approach to Content Creation

Packed full of features

** Not all features will be available immediately **
Features planned for deployment in 2022

Campaign Builder

Status: Deployed in Q1 2022
Free text area to enter a single keyword phrase or a cluster of keywords to create long blog posts ( average 1,500 words per article).
Schedule several articles to be written in one campaign and posted automatically.
Schedule jobs sequentially.
Set the status of blog posts on create to either draft, published or schedule posts for a later date.
Content formatted for SEO with keywords in headings and paragraph text.

SEO Features

Status: Planned for Q3 2022
Content is formatted for SEO with keywords in headings and paragraph text.
Internal linking articles based on keyword phrases
Track which articles rank on the first page of Google (integrate with Google Search Console)
Analyze page optimization score
Get search volumes and keyword ideas.

Campaign Reports

Status: Deployed in Q1 2022
Keywords used in the campaign will be visible for that particular campaign by clicking on the “View Keywords” link below the Campaign Name.
Keywords will link to the blog post that was created for that keyword phrase.
See date blog post was created.
Ability to start and pause campaigns.

Social Media Integration

Status: Planned for Q3 2022
Ability to share content automatically on social media profiles
YouTube video embed by selecting keyword or by providing URL of video channel

Account Management

Status: Deployed in Q1 2022
Manage your subscription
Upgrade/downgrade your subscription
Cancel anytime
Control where your API key is used by activating/deactivating websites

AI Rewriter

Status: Planned for Q2 2022
Ability to rewrite 200 words by placing a cursor in a specific area where previous 200 words are used as the topic to rewrite.

Content Templates

Status: Planned for Q3 2022
Pre-defined templates that write articles based on objectives such as locations, buyer-intent, case studies, press releases, service pages, before & after results, testimonials, etc.

Site Search

Status: Deployed in Q1 2022
Ability to check if the article is listed in Google’s Index