Don't Waste Time Trying to SEO Every Page or Post on Your Website

Optimizing your website for search engines is critical in helping potential clients find you online. But did you know that too much SEO can actually be a bad thing?

Too much SEO is known as over-optimization, and it can ruin your site’s ability to rank. When you overdo your optimization, it can have a huge negative impact on your ranking.

Here are a few signs that your SEO efforts might be veering into over-optimization territory:

Non-relevant keywords

The more keywords you use, the better, right?

Your keywords should always be relevant to your content. Just because a keyword is popular doesn’t mean it will help you site. It may draw in more traffic, but it probably won’t be the traffic you want, leading to lower conversion rates.

Pointing links to top-level pages

Your website should include internal links that point to different, related content all over your website. If the majority of your links point to top-level pages like your homepage, it can weaken your link profile. It’s important to create internal links, but pages like About Us or Contact are already getting plenty of clicks. Instead, work to strengthen your SEO by pointing to deeper internal links.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when you overuse your keywords to get the attention of search engines and show up in results. If you’re forcing keywords and phrases in where they don’t belong, Google will notice and dock you for trying to cheat the system. Plus, content stuffed with keywords isn’t readable, and your users will definitely notice.

Don’t waste your time optimizing pages that don’t need it, like your contact page. In most cases, the contact page doesn’t contain much content, and it will be a challenge to optimize it for SEO. Plus, this page serves a specific purpose and doesn’t need to show up in search results. Instead focus on your homepage and other content-heavy pages that you want to drive more traffic to.

This is just one thing to watch out for when optimizing your site for search engines. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let us do your SEO for you with our SEO Services. We will audit your site for SEO errors and fix them for you, making sure your website runs smoothly and improving your rankings.